The media perception of African-Americans has shifted dramatically since the 18th century.

That’s what Southern Connecticut State University professor Frank Harris found out in his latest research.  He looked at old editions of The Hartford Courant and saw an evolution of labels...from “Negro” to “Colored” to “Afro-American” to “African-American.”

But has the tone of the coverage evolved with the changing names?

Sheff And School Reform

Jan 23, 2012

Members of the Sheff Movement Coalition are calling on Governor Malloy to make school diversity a core educational priority for the state. 

Philip Tegeler, a member of the coalition and one of the original lawyers in Connecticut’s landmark Sheff vs. O’Neill school desegregation case, says more attention should be paid to integrating the state’s schools.

Chion Wolf

Both socially and politically, blacks are the least trusting racial group in the U.S.

So says UConn political science professor Shayla Nunnally who’s written a new book exploring “Trust in Black America” - She says the African American legacy of experiencing racial discrimination makes them distant from and distrustful of the American political system, its institutions, and its politicians.

Following a federal investigation into civil rights violations by the East Haven Police Department, Connecticut legislators are calling for better enforcement of state racial profiling laws. WNPR’s Neena Satija reports.

A lawyer representing the town of East Haven says findings in a federal racial profiling investigation must still be substantiated. He’s cautioning against a quick rush to judgment.

An investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights’ Division found that East Haven Police intentionally target Latinos for traffic stops, and use excessive force against those taken into custody.  

"Charges like these are easily made. They’re not so easily proven."

Hugh Keefe is a trial lawyer for the town of East Haven.

Diane Orson

A U.S. Department of Justice investigation finds that police in East Haven engage in a pattern of discrimination against Latinos. The DOJ's Office for Civil Rights launched its investigation in 2009 after Latinos described a pattern of race-based violence, harassment and intimidation by East Haven police. 

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin announced the probe’s findings.  

A new report calls for a closer look at the role of race in Connecticut’s persistent achievement gap. The study finds that male students of color do not have the same educational opportunities as their white counterparts. 

Many male students of color are struggling in school for reasons that have nothing to do with their socio-economic status, family background or perceived level of ability or motivation, says Jeremy Bond, spokesperson for the State Education Resource Center or SERC, which released the new report.  

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By most measures the traffic stop of Denise Nappier on the night of Sept. 1 was not a big deal. We shouldn't still be talking about it on Sept 19. But we are, because the incident raised a whole series of questions, most of which are still sizzling in the air.

Tara Gulwell, Creative Commons

Here’s the misperception: Eating disorders affect white, middle and upper class women.  A new study says, “not true.”  

The study, published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, finds that Native American women are just as likely to suffer from binging and purging as white women.

Chion Wolf

Watching the new CPTV documentary "The '60s in Connecticut," I reminded again of the way collective memory shapes and archives traumatic events.

In New London, a house tells the story of slavery, race and abolition. 

Multi-media artist Judy Dworin’s new work “In This House” is inspired by the Joshua Hempstead House in New London. 

The home has a legacy as a place where a slave was kept – now it sits in the middle of a neighborhood where African Americans and Hispanics live.  We’ll talk to Dworin and her collaborators about the house’s history, and what it tells us about Connecticut.