The Colin McEnroe Show
2:47 pm
Wed February 9, 2011

Should We Reform the Electoral College?

The 2000 election illustrated the weirdness of our presidential voting system in several different dimensions. 

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Hartford Development
3:37 pm
Tue February 8, 2011

Front Street in Court

Jeff Cohen/WNPR

The retail development known as Front Street in Hartford is finally built and looking for tenants.  But the project took years to materialize, and now it's in court.

Front Street is a publicly-subsidized development that was geared to attract area people to downtown Hartford and the adjacent Connecticut Convention Center.  Here’s how George Royster puts it. He's an attorney for the state:

“Because people coming to Hartford with no place to go would not be likely to return to the convention center or the hotel if they had no entertainment or retail or places to eat.”

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Host's Diary
8:19 am
Tue February 8, 2011

Pensions, Plates and Beyond: a Gazetteer of State Foolishness

Foxtongue photo via Flickr Creative Commons

What's the impact on the state pension fund when a low-paid legislator moves to a high-paid administration job? We like this piece on "pension spikes" from a policy blog

But maybe it doesn't matter, because we're not really making any serious attempt to fund that whole system.

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Hartford Schools
4:13 pm
Fri February 4, 2011

Segarra: School Bonuses Could Be "Inappropriate"

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is taking the city's schools superintendent to task for issuing a series of bonuses to district employees. Segarra says he understands the bonuses total about $2.7 million -- a figure that seemed to frustrated the mayor of this cash-strapped city. In a letter to Superintendent Steven Adamowski, Segarra said he wants to know why these bonuses were issued, what criteria was used in a awarding them, and who approved them.

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Where We Live
10:42 am
Fri February 4, 2011

News From Egypt on "Day Of Departure"

Ahmad Hammoud, Creative Commons

After 11 days of uprising, tens of thousands of Egyptians gathering in Cairo’s Central Square have declared today the “Day of Departure.”   

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The Faith Middleton Show
5:55 pm
Thu February 3, 2011

Politics, Burgers & Beer: The Promise of the Obama Presidency

The White House

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter joins Faith and Rich Hanley to talk Egypt, the Obama presidency, and all the newest news and developing developments in the world of politics.

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4:27 pm
Tue February 1, 2011

Will New Jobs Save Connecticut's Budget?

Flickr Creative Commons, smemon87

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Where We Live
11:40 am
Tue January 25, 2011

The State of American Unions

Chion Wolf

New statistics show that union membership in America has slipped again…reaching its lowest rate in more than 70 years. 

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Where We Live
10:18 am
Mon January 24, 2011

Denise Merrill

Chion Wolf

Democrat Denise Merrill has taken over a tough job – as the new Secretary of the State.

The end of Susan Bysiewicz’ long career in the job was marked by a confusing, close election for Governor – compounded by a ballot controversy in Bridgeport.

It has some people calling for a new law that would mandate one ballot for every registered voter.  New Secretary Denise Merrill says she’s not sure that’s the right solution - but she has said she’ll be working with lawmakers, “capitalizing” on the relationships she formed as House Majority leader.

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Faith and Zoning
5:39 pm
Thu January 13, 2011

Connecticut Jewish Group Stuck In Zoning Deadlock



Now, a case of faith and zoning. In Hartford, Connecticut, an Orthodox Jewish group wants to run a religious center for nearby university students. Neighbors don't want it there, and the city wants it shut down.

As Jeff Cohen from member station WNPR reports, the argument could be decided by a relatively new federal law, one that offers some protection for religious groups.

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Presidential Visit
6:32 am
Mon November 1, 2010

Obama Rallies Base In Bridgeport

Chion Wolf, WNPR

The mood was electric as supporters waited to see the president. Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, Gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy, and U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal warmed up the crowd, calling on voters to get to the polls and urge everyone they know to do the same on Tuesday.

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Campaign for Senate
6:05 am
Mon November 1, 2010

Lagging In Polls, McMahon Claims "Underdog" Status

Deirdre Shesgreen, Connecticut Mirror

Republican Linda McMahon called herself the "underdog" on Sunday, even as she disputed recent polls showing her behind Democrat Richard Blumenthal and touted a sophisticated field operation assembled by her $42 million-plus U.S. Senate campaign.

"I like being the underdog," McMahon told a crowd of several hundred well-heeled voters at a Republican rally in Darien. "We are undaunted."

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Campaign for Governor
5:54 am
Mon November 1, 2010

Clinton Rallies Supporters in Hartford for Malloy, Democrats


Former President Bill Clinton told a partisan audience of 2,000 at the University of Hartford on Sunday night that Republicans have waged "a fact-free campaign" to convince America they are blameless for the recession. 

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2:38 pm
Fri October 29, 2010

Judge Won't Immediately Rule in Attorney General Election

A state court judge said she would not immediately rule on the lawsuit brought by Republican Martha Dean that tries to disqualify Democrat George Jepsen from the race for attorney general. Dean filed suit earlier this week claiming that Jepsen didn’t have the required legal experience to serve as attorney general.

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Death and Taxes
11:02 am
Fri October 29, 2010

Can Malloy Win Without a No-Tax Pledge?

Photo by Paul Bass

As his opponent took a no-new-taxes pledge—and pulled even in the polls—Democrat Dan Malloy brought his gubernatorial campaign to the lunch-cart crowd by the hospital, determined to defend two unpopular positions with more than sound bites.

Days away from Tuesday’s election, Malloy at this last stage finds himself confronting the political version of those two verities facing all of mankind: death and taxes.

Where We Live
10:45 am
Fri October 29, 2010

Packing A Political Punch

If you've noticed the political campaigns this year, they haven't exactly been rich with issues and evidence.   You're more likely to hear emotions, anger, empathy and fear. This is the world that Drew Westen studies. He is professor of psychology and psychiatry at Emory University, and author of The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation (2007), an  investigation into the role of emotion in determining the political life of the nation.

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Where We Live
10:20 am
Fri June 11, 2010

Islamic Deradicalization

Saud Anwar.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

Terrorist plots on U.S. soil, and terrorist acts around the world, are blamed on “radical” strains of Islam. But what are the causes of “radicalization,” and how can they be reversed? A conference this month in East Hartford brings together leading thinkers and writers – tackling the topics of violent extremism, the U.S. relationship with Pakistan and Pakistani Americans, and ways in which the Muslim community here is helping to weed out terrorism.

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