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Mayor Domenic Sarno told a national news outlet that he feels Springfield, MA’s police department “accurately” reflects the diversity of his city. But the department’s own numbers — from August of 2014 — tell a different story. The survey , conducted by Politico, was filled out by 71 mayors across the U.S. Only a third of them said they felt their police departments’ racial makeup “accurately” or “very accurately” reflects the diversity of their cities. While Springfield is more than 40...

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New Haven mayor Toni Harp said she’s not inclined to remove Police Chief Dean Esserman anytime soon, despite having placed the chief on a three-week leave after an incident during which he reportedly berated a waitress at a local restaurant.

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Six years after he was convicted on charges that he took a bribe in one scheme and tried to extort a city developer in another, former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has gotten a reprieve from the state’s highest court.

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Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is struggling to win support for a program to help fellow ex-convicts find jobs.

On Friday Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim launched a new initiative to help ex-felons find jobs.

 Ganim was re-elected as mayor of Connecticut's largest city last November after spending seven years in prison.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6eLToYV1Yk Politicians, take note: Don't eat on camera, don't wear funny looking hats, don't sing, don't rap ... and, generally speaking, don't try to be funny. You will regret it. You will especially regret it if your very lame joke could be interpreted as racially insensitive. Enter New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who earned themselves the front page of today's New York Daily News and the contempt of...

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin took office in January, and his honeymoon is officially over. The mayor is trying to figure out a way to balance the city’s budget.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB1dJeMtb08 Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor whose drug-addled fall from grace made international news, has died. Ford had been fighting cancer since 2014. In a statement, his family said he died earlier today at age 46. "A dedicated man of the people, Councillor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto," the family said in a statement. If you remember, Ford came to international prominence back in November of 2013, when he admitted smoking crack...

Despite Bernie Sanders string of primary losses to Hillary Clinton earlier this week , hes vowing to continue his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. With Clintons  big advantage in delegates , the nomination might be a long shot for Sanders. But hes still raising money and rallying for his case that the Democratic Party needs to embrace a set of progressive policies. Those policies took shape here in Burlington, where Sanders political unlikely career began and where his...

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When Luke Bronin was running to be Hartford’s mayor, he said he wanted to spend some time looking under the hood at the city’s finances. He’s done that now, and what he's seen isn't good. In advance of his state of the city address tonight, Bronin sat down with WNPR to share his take on the city's budget.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he will march in the city's St. Patrick's Day parade, ending his two-year boycott over a ban on LGBT groups. NPR's Hansi Lo Wang tells our Newscast unit that the mayor's decision comes after organizers allowed a new group to march in the upcoming parade. New York's is the largest and oldest St. Patrick's Day parade in the country. "Now we have an opportunity for everyone from that community to join together in celebrating their heritage, their pride in what...

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said the city has a $9 million budget shortfall this year, one that is projected to be three times that in the budget year to come without significant cuts. The mayor is beginning by making some immediate changes at city hall to try and save money.

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Rhode Island’s legendary rascal king, Buddy Cianci , died Thursday morning. Cianci was hospitalized with stomach pain while taping ABC6 On the Record, a TV show, Wednesday night.

Rhode Island’s legendary rascal king, BuddyCianci, died Thursday morning. Cianciwas hospitalized with stomach pain while tapingABC6On the Record, a TV show, Wednesday night. He died at age 74 at about 8:30 Thursday morning, according to a former aide,ArtinColoian. RIPR political reporter Ian Donnis audio report on the death of Buddy Cianci. RIPR Political Commentator Scott MacKay discusses Vincent Buddy Ciancis legacy with host Dave Fallon Newscast obit for Buddy Cianci by RIPRs Chuck Hinman.

A divorced New York businessman billionaire with a mixed political history and knack for controversy and grabbing the spotlight might run for president. Another one. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is again weighing a possible independent bid for the White House after seeing an opening in a chaotic and unpredictable 2016 race. The Democrat turned Republican turned independent is actively exploring a run, hiring consultants and commissioning a poll last month aimed at seeing...

It's the end of an era in Charleston, S.C. One of the longest-serving mayors in the country, Joe Riley, is retiring after 40 years in office. His tenure has seen the transformation of downtown Charleston from a decaying urban center to a top cultural destination. On a tour of downtown, you can literally see Riley's imprint on the Charleston landscape, down to the most subtle of details – from the paint color at City Hall to the color of the driveway bricks. "That's Riley Red," he says with a...

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It's been one week since Luke Bronin was sworn in as Hartford's 67th mayor . This hour, he stops by to discuss his plans for the city. We talk about ballparks and city budgets; schools and salary increases. And we take your questions, too. What do you want to ask the mayor?

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Hartford’s Pedro Segarra was a reluctant mayor. He got pulled into it after his predecessor, Eddie Perez, was convicted on corruption-related charges and resigned. Now, his term comes to an end this week.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has apologized for the death of Laquan McDonald, the black 17-year-old shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer in 2014. "That happened on my watch," Emanuel said in an emotional address to a special meeting of the Chicago City Council on Wednesday, NPR's David Schaper reports. "I'm sorry," the mayor said, promising "complete and total reform of the system." The Justice Department announced this week that it will be investigating the use of force by Chicago's...

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Hartford Mayor-elect Luke Bronin says he's going to take a pass on the traditional inaugural ball, and he'll just take the oath of office in the early morning hours of 2016.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appears to be reversing course and says he now "welcomes" a Justice Department investigation in "systemic issues embedded" in the city's police department. The mayor's office Thursday morning released a statement seeking to "clarify" Emanuel's comments Wednesday, in which he suggested a federal civil rights pattern-and-practice investigation "in my view, would be misguided." Emanuel now says he is open to a longer-term review of the Chicago Police Department to...

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Former Bridgeport mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim is once again mayor of Bridgeport.

Amid growing criticism, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has dismissed police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. After announcing that he was appointing a task force to look at police accountability , Emanuel said that "public trust" in the city's police force has been "shaken" and "eroded" and so he had asked McCarthy to resign. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan asked the Justice Department Tuesday to investigate whether the Chicago Police Department's practices violated constitutional law. The...

Seeking to calm growing criticism about his administration's handling of police misconduct cases, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has appointed a new "police accountability task force." In a press release, the mayor's office said the task force "will review the system of accountability, training and oversight that is currently in place for Chicago's police officers." Of course, this comes about a week after a court order forced the city to release video showing the police shooting death of 17-year-old...

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Joe Ganim is to be sworn in as mayor of Bridgeport this week. On the eve of the transition, the outgoing mayor made a re-appointment that drew a strong reaction from the Ganim camp.