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Hartford's outdoor concert season is about to start. And while that's fun for a lot of people, some call it a scheduled mass casualty event. As WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports, binge drinking is a serious concern for law enforcement and public health officials.


It's possible to oversell the idea of a modern revival of so-called American roots music. Maybe that revival is always happening.

Nick Spitzer's terrific public radio show "American Routes" has been around since 1998, when it was featuring people like Steve Earle. So, you know ... the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons didn't exactly invent anything.

Kate Callahan is one of our favorite local folk artists. Now she’s a music festival organizer as well. This weekend, the Hartfolk Festival is taking place at the University of Saint Joseph. Musicians from throughout the area will take the stage and show us what modern folk music sounds and looks like. Performers include past Where We Live guests like Kate Callahan and String Theorie.

Chion Wolf

What is folk music? Phillip Phillips sounds like a folk singer, but he won American Idol. Does that disqualify him? Charles Bradley is the living embodiment of the sound of James Brown, but he played the main stage at the Newport Folk Festival last year. A few years ago, Richard Thompson started covering Britney Spears' "Oops I Did It Again," as a folk tune, even playing part of it "in the manner of the 16th century."

Chion Wolf

Austin, Texas is the epicenter of the music world, at least for the next few days. The South By Southwest Music Festival got underway Tuesday. Every year, well known acts and up-and-comers from all genres of popular music make the trip to Austin. The Needle Drop's Anthony Fantano, the internet's busiest music nerd is in Austin for the festival.

We caught up with Anthony to see what's catching his eye (and ear) and some of the quirks of this festival.


Bloody Valentines and Cough Coughs

Feb 13, 2013

This week on The Needle Drop, we're trying out new tracks from Grave Babies, Beach Fossils, and Fat History Month. We'll also be diving into the latest releases from Everything Everything and My Bloody Valentine.

Lila Call

It's our yearly trip to our favorite little seaport town. Home to a DIY art and music scene that seems to grow every year.  And today, we're coming to you live from The Telegraph. It’s a record shop, used bookstore and performance space owned by Daphne Lee Martin and her husband, Rich Martin.

Screamo Comrades and Moving Bodies

Jan 30, 2013

This week on the Needle Drop, we've got new tracks from California X, Oliver, Akron/Familiy, and more. We'll also be diving into the latest releases from electronic producer Gold Panda, math rock band This Town Needs Guns, and screamo outfit Comadre.

21st Century Masters and Almond Milk Paradises

Jan 23, 2013

This week on The Needle Drop, we're looking at the latest releases from pop/rock revivalists Foxygen, and experimental rapper Milo. We'll also be hearing new tracks from Factory Floor and Low.

My Favorite Music of 2012: Part 5

Jan 16, 2013

It's our 5th and final installment of music off of my favorite records of 2012. Thanks for listening, and I hope to have turned you on to some music you love over the course of this year-end series. 2013! Let's do this!

My Favorite Music of 2012: Part 4

Jan 9, 2013

This week on The Needle Drop, it's the show's fourth installment in our look back at some of the best records of 2012--don't worry, we're almost done. We'll be flying through releases from TNGHT, Dope Body, Holograms, iamamiwhoami, and more.

Guitarist Hilton Valentine became famous as a member of the British invasion group The Animals. Originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Valentine now lives in Connecticut, and performs this Saturday night at the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center in Old Saybrook.

WNPR's Ray Hardman caught up recently with Hilton Valentine, and Jeff Walls, guitarist and producer of Valentine's latest album, a collection of originals, early rock and roll, and British skiffle music. 

My Favorite Music of 2012: Part 3

Jan 2, 2013

This week on The Needle Drop, we head further into my favorite albums of 2012 with my third episode in this series.

Chion Wolf

Church bells across the state and the nation tolled 26 times to honor those killed one week ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

So much has changed about where we live in this last week. And we've spent this time trying to grapple with the emotions - and the possible solutions. But after so much talk - and so much more to come - we thought we'd take today to listen.

My Favorite Music of 2012: Part 2

Dec 19, 2012

This week on The Needle Drop, we continue our revisit to some of the best releases 2012 had to offer. We bring tracks from Soap&Skin, Spiritualized, Bit K.R.I.T., BADBADNOTGOOD, and more!