Connecticut legislature

Governor Dannel Malloy responded to concerns about his plan to revise the system of teacher tenure on WNPR's Where We Live. His education proposals have been the subject of hearings at the Legislative Office Building this week.   Malloy has made education reform a key part of his agenda for this legislative session - thus a 163 page plan that includes changes to state funding models, pushes consolidation of small districts and invests more in charter schools. But the largest chunk of his state of the state address was devoted to the issue he knows is the most controversial.

In April, Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra will present next year's budget to city council.  As WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports, he's got a pretty big hole to fill between now and then. The city's current budget is about $547 million, and it's running just a slight deficit.   But next year could be much, much worse. 

Governor Dannel Malloy's mid-term budget adjustments make some notable changes to the way the state pays for healthcare.  WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports. In 2010, the state started a temporary program to provide health benefits to some uninsured, low-income residents. But now the state says that program is over enrolled and too expensive.



And now to lawmaking at the state level. In Connecticut, residents will have to do some advance planning for their Super Bowl parties. The state is one of only two that still bans the sale of all alcohol at stores on Sundays. But Jeff Cohen of member station WNPR reports, that could change.