Youth Vote: Connecticut Primary

Jul 20, 2012

Hartford, CT - Four candidates from Connecticut are fighting for a senatorial seat this fall, and continue to campaign for a chance to represent the state. Many Connecticut residents are following the race, but what about college students? Candidate Chris Murphy has stated that "today about 20 percent of 20 year olds vote, and 80 percent of the 80 year olds vote."

Interns at the CPBN Media Lab wanted to put that statement to the test. They took to the University of Hartford and Trinity College to test the average student's IQ on the November race. The results were mixed. One individual was able to name three out of four of the candidates and planned on voting, while another didn't know "what a primary is."

Based on the results, Chris Murphy, Susan Bysiewicz, Christopher Shays, and Linda McMahon may have their hands full with convincing young people to vote, but there are students who are involved with politics and plan to vote in November.