Yale Study Finds Global Warming Perspectives Range From ‘Dismissive’ to ‘Alarmed’

Jun 28, 2011

Yale researchers released the final report on a national survey of American attitudes towards climate change . WNPR’s Nancy Cohen reports.

Scientists at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication surveyed about 900 Americans and divided them into six categories ranging from those who are either alarmed to those who are doubtful or dismissive. Tony Leiserowitz, the director of the project  says, despite the different perspectives most people support the development of renewable energy projects

“We find there is very strong bipartisan support for a major investment in clean energy. And this is across Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, so regardless of whether people believe in climate change or not we everyone seems to support one of the major solutions.”

According to the survey if people had the chance to talk to an expert about climate change the most common question they’d ask is: “How do scientists know global warming  is caused by human activities rather than natural changes in the environment?”

The survey is part of an ongoing effort to understand what are the underlying reasons why some people are very engaged with the issue of global warming while others dismiss it.