In A World Of Voice Overs... "In A World" Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

Aug 29, 2013

Credit Chion Wolf

Thirteen years ago, I wrote an amusing but fairly ignorant op-ed piece for The New York Times triggered by watching a planetarium movie narrated by Tom Hanks. I wrote: "I miss the days of the anonymous, nobody-special narrator. Playing next door to Mr. Hanks at the museum was a Mount Everest Imax movie narrated by Liam Neeson. Take a cab to get there, and Isaac Hayes tells you to take your stuff when you get out, and don't forget your receipt." 

Since that time, celebrities are more present than ever in major voice over work, but in writing that piece I knew almost nothing about the complex work of those so called anonymous nobody-special voice over artists, some of whom become celebrities in their own right, as illustrated by the very funny new movie, "In a World." It's probably one of those jobs a lot of people think they could do. It's just reading, right? Get ready to learn more.

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