The World Cup of Potato Salads Plus Awesome Grilled Lemon-Garlic Wings

Jun 25, 2014

Check out our collection of world class potato salad recipes. Since we love brown butter everything, we discovered that it's phenomenal as a potato salad base, especially mixed with snappy fresh lemon juice and capers. And then Chris Prosperi created a crispy chorizo potato salad, which we could not stop eating, although we did pause to delight in Alex Province's favorite buttermilk, wine and radish creation inspired by Ina Garten.

Thanks to a tip from our frequent guest, Jacques Pepin, we found a joyous and affordable sparkling wine, Gruet, made in New Mexico.

The Flexitarian Cookbook features a variety of recipes for feeding a table of meat eaters and vegetarians, without doubling the work.

Remember, you're invited to join me at Symphony Hall in Boston November 5th, where I will conduct an interview with Ina Garten about her newest cookbook and life in food.

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  • Chris Prosperi is chef and owner of Metro Bis Restaurant in Simsbury, Connecticut.
  • Alex Province is a wine expert, food lover, and regular contributor to the show.
  • Jim Brewer is from Winebow, an importer and distributor of wine and spirits.