Working Together For Peace in the Middle East, But Differences Remain

Oct 4, 2013

Adi Greenfield works with Combatants for Peace.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

At a time when a lot of attention is focused elsewhere, Israelis and Palestinians will join together for an interfaith march for peace in New Haven this weekend.

One of the Israelis is Adi Greenfield. She spoke on Where We Live yesterday about the goals of her organization, Combatants for Peace. The group is largely made up of former military combatants, on both sides of the conflict.

"Those are the people who were dehumanizing the other side for years and we're doing a lot of work both in the Israeli community and in the Palestinian community to work towards humanizing the other side," said Greenfield.

These particular Israelis and Palestinians may have the same ultimate goals, but they still have their differences - especially when discussing the role of religion in the conflict.

In the above clip, Ezra Krispin said he thinks religion is not the true front in the conflict. Krispin also works with Combatants for Peace as a former captain in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Palestinian Mohammed Owedah disagreed with Krispin's premise. He said Israelis want to live in the region because it is the holy land. Greenfield pushed back and said that although there is a fringe group of religious extremists, most Israelis are living in the disputed region for secular reasons.

All of these activists will take part in the I Wage Peace Walk happening this Sunday, October 6 on the Lower Green in New Haven at 2pm.