Wolves In The World

Jan 23, 2012

Sitting in a movie theater, watching previews of coming attractions, I was surprised to see scenes from a movie in which a pack of wolves is methodically stalking and attempting to kill the human survivors of a plane crash. That just isn't the wolf I know, not that I know any wolves who aren't named Chion. But like most people, I've been influenced by modern wolf conservation and restoration efforts. I read the book "Never Cry Wolf" and saw the movie. My vision of the wolf is one of an opportunistic hunter who mainly subsists on small mammals. A pack of wolves chasing a person is something located, for me, in Russian literature.

Getting up to speed on it, at little, for this show, I've come to see a more complex equation. Wolves are incredibly adaptive animals. They can live almost anywhere, as long as they have a year round supply of ungulates and as long as humans are not trying to extirpate them. But that's where it gets tricky.

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