"Wits" Host John Moe Answers Lightning Round Questions

May 2, 2014

Wits 'Lightning Round' with Robyn Hitchcock, Paula Poundstone, and host John Moe (left to right).
Credit Wits APM / YouTube screenshot

At the end of every episode of Wits, host John Moe puts his guests through a lightning round of questions. The relevance of Moe's questions is not important. One of my favorite questions was about the prettiest state in terms of geographic outline.

We decided to pose some of Moe's previous lightning round questions to him, and added some new ones. We tackled some big nerd question (like Star Wars or Star Trek - don't worry, he chose the correct answer). We also learned that Moe himself prefers Chipotle.

Listen to our Where We Live lightning round, with John Moe.