Why Secession In America Won't Happen Anytime Soon

Dec 11, 2012

The recent stirrings in Texas have prompted us to do a show about secession, but it's important to note that, at any given moment, there are low level secessionist rumblings in many U.S. States.

You may remember that in 2008, one of the many interesting aspects of Sarah Palin was her husband's status as a former member of the Alaska Independence Party. Vermont has a separatist movement, and there's something involving Washington State, Oregon, and British Columbia -- the Cascadia Independence Movement.

Here in Connecticut, we had some serious talk of secession at the Hartford Convention in 1814, and in the 1970s some seriously unserious secessionist activities by a South Glastonbury group calling itself Nayaug, the 51st State, whose activities I covered extensively for the Hartford Courant.

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