Where We Live: Justice And The Courts

May 25, 2011

Of the four cardinal virtues, why is lady justice the only one who has a statue in courthouses around the world?

Yeah, in case you didn’t remember - those other virtues, Temperence, Prudence and Fortitude all seemingly have some role to play in our systems of law and governance.   But it's Justice that’s become the icon of democracy.

Yale Law professors Judith Resnik and Denny Curtis have published an enormous new book called “Representing Justice” – It explores how justice has been represented throughout history, in early drawings and modern architecture. From Charles Schulz’s “lady justice” a depiction of Lucy van Pelt, blindfolded, holding a sword and scales; to the loving display of a lawyer’s battered corduroy jacket in a Minnesota courthouse, the authors explore how these images of justice have, over time, influenced the development of courts and governments.

Upcoming Appearances:
Arts and Ideas: June 22, 5:30PM – Talk entitled: “Identity, Politics, and Rights in the Art and Practice of Justice.” At Yale Center for British Art