Where We Farm, Live From Holcomb

Sep 26, 2013

It’s Harvest Time for farms all over Connecticut, and that means a growing number of small farms that work on the “community supported agriculture” model. In CSAs, members share the risk of a volatile New England growing season, and share in the bounty as well.

But good farmland is hard to come by in our crowded little state, and some farms have to struggle to survive on the land - while some farmers have to look for a new piece of land to grow on every year.

This hour, where we live, a live broadcast from Holcomb Farm in West Granby – talking with the people who grow our food.

We'll also talk about this farm's mission of getting food to the needy.


  • Charlotte Ross and Jonathan Janeway, Sweet Acre Farm
  • Karen Pettinelli, Farm Manager at Holcomb Farm
  • Rodger Phillips, Grow Hartford CSA
  • Bill Bentley, Former Holcomb Farm Board President
  • George Krivda, Legislative Program Manager at the State Department of Agriculture
  • Piper Dumont, Fresh Access 

Watch a Video Tour of Holcomb Farm from the CPBN Media Lab’s Outdoor Enthusiast series.