Where The Needle Drops: Live! Best of 2012

Dec 28, 2012

Yes, I know - the easiest thing in the world is to come up with “lists” of things at the end of the year. Best movies, best shows, and of course best music.  

But here’s the thing: Everyone loves them! I love them because I never have the time to dig through all of the music that’s out there in the world.  That’s why we turn to our friend Anthony Fantano - host of The Needle Drop.  It’s a wildly successful music blog, YouTube channel and radio show which you can hear on WNPR 10pm Saturday nights, and around the country via PRX.

He’s become one of the go-to music reviewers in the country - and his audience is around the world.  Now he’s back with some of his favorite music. We'll also be joined by Daphne Lee Martin, musician and co-owner of The Telegraph in New London.