Where Are The Fish Going?

Dec 7, 2011

Cod is still one of the most important fish in the Atlantic...and a new survey of its population has fishermen worried. Only a few years after reporting that the stocks were healthy and headed toward recovery, NOAA (The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) says its on the decline again - which might prompt changes to the industry. Fishermen, in places like Gloucester and New Bedford Massachusetts, say they see things differently - and they question whether NOAA has overstepped its authority.

Today, the tale of two fish...first, cod...a fish you might see on your menu...then menhaden, a fish you’ve probably never heard of...but you might be eating every day in the form of fish oil capsules.

We’ll also hear from a champion of sustainable fisheries - New Haven chef Bun Lai - who fell short of a championship last night on the Food Network cooking competition, “Chopped.”