When It Comes to Learning a Foreign Language, What Do We Value?

Aug 21, 2015

School starts next week, and soon kids will begin trickling into classrooms across Connecticut. They’ll sit down behind desks in classrooms and study English, science, math, history -- and then maybe a bit of Spanish, or French, or even Chinese.

This hour, we talk about foreign language education in Connecticut. Why is it beneficial? Why is it important?

We also look at the other side of the foreign language education equation: the students who enter the classroom speaking Spanish, or French, or Chinese.

What's it like for those kids in school? And what's the best way to teach them?


  • ​Beth Lapman - President of the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers and Director of World Languages and Hamden Public Schools
  • Claire Bowern - Associate Professor of Linguistics at Yale University
  • Enrique Sepulveda - Professor and Chair of the Education Department at the University of St. Joseph

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John Dankosky, Lydia Brown, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.