The Wheelhouse: You Mean There Was News Other Than The Royal Birth?

Jul 24, 2013

Are you ready for the 2014 gubernatorial election? We don't know if we are, but we're wading into it anyway after Senate Minority Leader John McKinney announced his bid for the governor's mansion.

We also discuss the ongoing issue of money in politics. Host of the Decode DC podcast (and former NPR congressional reporter) Andrea Seabrook tackles this in her latest episode. She spoke with former U.S. Congressman Lee Hamilton who called money the biggest problem in politics.

WNPR's Jeff Cohen joins us to talk about the bizarre story of Jared Kupiec. He's Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra's former chief-of-staff. Jeff sums up the story of Kupiec continuing to use his city car after leaving his job but he also asks an odd question coming out of this: At Hartford City Hall, what's it mean to leave your job?

We also talk with CT News Junkie's Christine Stuart about the rollout of more aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

We may not discuss the royal birth, but we do check-in with WNYC's Anna Sale about another bizarre story in New York City: Anthony Weiner.