The Wheelhouse Talks FOI, Peter Lanza, and Daylight Saving Time

Our weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse brings you news from the capitol and across the state.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

It's been a busy week in the news. In 2014 campaign news, the number of Republican candidates for governor went from six to five and then right back up to six. At the state capitol, lawmakers held two public hearings at the same time, both of which ironically had to do with Freedom of Information legislation.

Also for the first time, Peter Lanza spoke to reporter Andrew Solomon about his son who killed 27 other people in December, 2012. What new information did we learn, if any?

We're also drinking a little more coffee this week, thanks in part to Daylight Savings Time. This annual jump in time is being questioned by some researchers.


  • Colin McEnroe - Host of The Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR
  • Jon Lender - Reporter for The Hartford Courant
  • Dan Klau - Attorney in Hartford and writes at AppealinglyBrief.com
  • Dr. Hank Schwartz - Psychiatrist-in-chief and vice president of Behavioral Health at Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living
  • Patrick Skahill - WNPR reporter