The Wheelhouse Takes On the State Budget; Unionizing Grad Students; Blumenthal's Near Miss

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A train almost took out Senator Richard Blumenthal last week -- and yes, that really was a press conference about rail safety.

This hour, it’s The Wheelhouse, our weekly news roundtable. And Wednesday’s bearing down on us like a southbound Acela. 

What’s in the news? Well, Hillary Clinton’s speaking at UConn on Wednesday night, and she’s expected to get a crowd as big as Shabazz and the boys. Ken Rudin, the political junkie, will take a look with us.  

UConn Graduate assistants are unionizing. We get the latest from Diane Orson. Tax numbers are coming in now that April 15 is passed, and The Connecticut Mirror’s Keith Phaneuf says, “Keep the champagne on ice.”

New London is flat broke. Colin Young of The Day tells us how our favorite little seaport town plans to pay the bills.


  • Keith Phaneuf, Budget reporter at The Connecticut Mirror
  • Diane Orson, WNPR host/education reporter
  • Ken Rudin, Political Junkie
  • Colin Young, Staff reporter at The Day