The Wheelhouse Only Watches TV for the Political Ads

The Wheelhouse will break down the new political ads flooding the airwaves.
Credit James Vaughan / Creative Commons

Connecticut is fully engulfed in campaign ad season and candidates are already spending big money to get the message out to voters. What's the message? "Like me! The other guy, not so much." On our weekly news roundtable The Wheelhouse, Colin McEnroe guest hosts a conversation with a panel of reporters and political analysts to catch you up on the week’s news.


  • Kevin Rennie - Hartford Courant columnist, lawyer, and a former Republican state legislator
  • Daniela Altimari - Statehouse reporter for The Hartford Courant
  • Gerry Brooks - Anchor at NBC Connecticut and co-host of "Decision 2014"
  • David Collins - Columnist for The Day