The Wheelhouse Awaits a Presidential Visit

Mar 5, 2014

President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Hartford in 2013.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

President Barack Obama visits Connecticut on Wednesday, and Where We Live host John Dankosky is in Washington! Colin McEnroe is guest-hosting a conversation on the presidential push for a minimum wage increase, and the new Quinnipiac University poll on Connecticut's gubernatorial race.

Why do you think Obama is visiting Connecticut, when the state already has a minimum wage higher than the national rate? Have you already made up your mind about who you're supporting for governor this year?


  • Tom Dudchik - Editor of CTCapitolReport.com
  • Adrienne Fulco - Associate Professor and Director of the Public Policy and Law Program at Trinity College
  • Douglas Schwartz - Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll
  • James Hanley - Founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College