What's Up With Stuff?

May 10, 2013

Seventeen days after a garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh, a woman was pulled alive from the rubble. But more than 1,000 people have been confirmed dead in the tragedy.

This has renewed questions about where all the stuff we buy in America comes from.

NPR’s Planet Money has been trying to tackle this question for the last three years by making their own t-shirt.

We’ll be joined by Alex Blumberg, who recently addressed one of the big listener questions:

“What’s the holdup? You’ve been talking about this project for a long time now," he asked. "Well - there were some mistakes in the beginning.”

We’ll talk about those mistakes and about what they’ve discovered so far. And we’ll try to tackle the question of “Where does our stuff come from?" "Where is it made?" "By whom?" "How does it get here?"

We want to hear from you - do you care where your stuff comes from?