The Colin McEnroe Show
12:31 pm
Mon August 13, 2012

What's It Like Being A Gay Farmer?

Today's show is about gay farmers -- and about the possibility that there's a gay farming movement. There's a documentary film about American gay farmers currently in the late stages of editing. And, as you'll learn today, there's a gay farmer reality show.

But is it stretching a point to say there's a movement? A recent article in asked our question perfectly: "The LGBT community has a history of organizing collectively and revitalizing urban spaces. Is it possible that queer farmers are invigorating farming with a new vision that is less restrictive, and more creative? From the looks of it, many queer small-scale farmers seem to think so, even as they face the same day-to-day struggles that other farmers do to make food production viable."I can tell you one thing. If there's a gay farming movement, it involves goats at a level that is disproportionate to other farming. I have no idea why. Leave your comments below, e-mail or Tweet us @wnprcolin.


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