What's For Dinner?

Sep 8, 2011

In 2009 I moderated a Connecticut Forum panel of chefs made famous by television and radio. When word got out that I was doing this, I was approached by people who wanted -- really wanted -- to meet a particular chef. Sometimes it was Duff Goldman from the TV Show "Ace of Cakes." Sometimes it was Anthony Bourdain or Alice Waters.

Whoever it was, the fans were a little crazed. And I didn't get the feeling the Goldman fans were making cakes all the time. You may have a screaming need to meet LeBron James. That doesn't mean you play basketball, anymore than you have to play guitar to want to meet Bruce Springsteen. It was like that. These people were food fans on a purely spectator-consumer basis. Something was going on that I didn't quite understand.

I cook from scratch five or six nights a week, but I don't watch those shows. They'd cut into my cooking time. We explore the disconnect in American eating on today's show.

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