What was that thing on the Nose?

Sep 6, 2013

Assuming that the above does not refer to a dermatological problem, I'm guessing it might instead be one of the typical calls or emails I get every Friday from somebody who heard about something vaguely interesting on the Nose but didn't write it down. It's usually one of the endorsements. 

This the internet sensation endorsed by Theresa (who also endorsed apple fritters).

You probably know what apple fritters look like. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Irene endorsed Open Mic Fridays at the Lasalle Market in Collinsville

Rand endorsed this book about noise in school by Diana Senechal.

He also complained about the outsized, face-obscuring beards of the Red Sox. He compared them to Mennonite farmers.

I endorsed Cafe Sofia but -- more expansively -- the notion of gathering in cafes not owned by Starbucks and discussing the issues of the day or the meaning of life or the Franco-Prussian War or James Franco. You know. Like in Europe. This is another good cafe.

I also endorsed the throwaways of Saul Goodman.

I supported the Red Sox beards as an effort by two newly arrived players, Gomes and Napoli, to counteract the team's toxic clubhouse atmosphere that derailed the last two seasons.

This is the article about rich people "renting" persons with disabilities to cut Disney lines. 

This an article that explains Bill Burr's anti-Philly rant and makes me think Chappelle staged his Hartford tantrum.

We also apparently really screwed up while describing Disney Fast Pass.

Now go discuss some of this in a cafe.

via Wikimedia Commons