What the Fribble?!

Oct 12, 2011

Today’s guest says when it comes to restaurants only three things matter: food, service and ambiance.

He says if restaurants don’t reinvent themselves every ten years or so, they’re doomed.

So goes our beloved Friendly’s, which hasn’t changed it’s decor in.... uh 50 years?! And the service and food were nothing to scream about.

The family style restaurant is filing for bankruptcy and closing 63 stores around the region.  It’s tragic news for those of us who have fond memories of high school dates, or Happy Ending Sundaes with Grammy.

Sbarro is bankrupt too; Applebees and IHOP may not be far behind. Today we’ll look at restaurant trends – what’s next for the franchised, family-style, fast-food restaurant? And in this economy - what restaurants are flourishing?

And we’ve scoured the internet for the hippest foodie bloggers. FASTfoodie, that is. So which fast food restuarants are getting two thumbs up? You’ll find out.