What Drives Political Polarization

Apr 26, 2012

Why do we have such terrible political arguments? Are we really so divided?

Topics like abortion, the death penalty, gun control, drug policy, tax policy all make us sound like a deeply divided nation, although I've long believed it's possible to formulate a position on almost anything that 65 percent of Americans will agree with.

 But it's not in our natures to do that. Compromise is boring. Dispute is exciting.

 On this show, we're dipping into the science behind our political preferences, our incivilities, and my own growing sense that we're starting to develop radically different modes of thought.

Not just different opinions but completely different ways of thinking.

 Also, why do religion and science and politics overlap so strikingly? Republicans are twice as likely to be creationists as are Democrats.

 Colin McEnroe interviews Chris Mooney, Kevin Smith and Ravi Iyer about political polarization, and if biology plays a part in our political preferences.

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