What Does It Take to "Make a Place"?

Dec 11, 2013

WNPR broadcasts live from 231 Trumbull Street in Hartford. Come on by!
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

It’s our monthly broadcast, live from our iConnect downtown storefront. Today we kicking off an evening of pop-up shopping: the Small Business Night Out featuring over 15 vendors. We also preview a community conversation looking at how we are shaped by our surroundings.

That conversation is inspired by Artist and Puerto Rico native Lourdes Correa-Carlo, who’s exhibiting now at Real Art Ways. Her work, Systemic Relation, contrasts the pedestrian walkway crossing I-91 with a boarded up house in Frog Hollow. This art, she says, looks at “ways in which ideologies central to urban planning can construct images of dislocated cultures and communities, and end up reinforcing a fractured reality.” 

We’ll talk about how art can help bridge fractured realities in places like Hartford, and also talk about the progress of CreateHereNow, a place-making initiative happening in 20 communities around the state. Join us at 231 Trumbull Street in downtown Hartford. 


  • Lourdes Correa-Carlo, Artist
  • Toni Gold, President of Urban Edge Associates 
  • Jamil Ragland, Hartford North End resident, Trinity College alum 
  • Margaret Bodell, CVO of CreateHereNow