What Do 'Supertasters' Say About How We Taste Food?

Feb 16, 2012

I cook whenever possible. I experiment a lot with ingredients. But I wouldn't say I had a sharp sense of taste. I'm in the group of "medium tasters" who make up 50 percent of the human eating population.

Lately I've been using pink salt, mainly because a guy at a farmer's market gave me some to try. And I like the look of it. It does seem, even to my unrefined palate, that something a little different happens when I substitute it for more conventional salts.

So I was pleased to read, in an article by Harold McGee, that there is a difference, and that what I think I'm tasting is more or less what one might expect to taste.

Today's show is all about the sense of taste. We all eat. We all taste. We all like and dislike.

But it turns out we're all not created equal. Some people are just better tasters than others, and we'll find out why that is.

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