We're Going to the Drive-In!

Sep 1, 2014

The drive-in movie theater turned 80 last summer. If you haven't been to one for a long time, you might be surprised at how much fun they are.

Here in Connecticut their numbers are shrinking --it's probably some combination of real estate prices, gas prices, the advent of home theaters, and the sheer economics of running any movie theater with fewer than 82 screens.

We piled some movie experts and interns into Producer Betsy Kaplan's minivan and headed out to Mansfield where we recorded part of the show you're about to hear while The Conjuring played on the screen in front of us.

We also sought out America's greatest living film critic David Edelstein, and drive-in scholar Dennis Cozzalio, for a discussion of the kinds of movies that become our drive-in memories, because drive-ins beget memories. Sometimes, they beget more. 

This show originally aired on August 9, 2013.

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