Wedding Bands & Wedding DJs

Oct 17, 2011

Some of my best friends are DJs, but for me, there's something magical about a band -- at a wedding or just about any place else. Sure, a DJ can bring a few thousand songs, but in a way that adds to the mystique of the band. When they play a song you like, it's even more of a gift.

But bands are losing the battle. I keep hearing that young people today won't consider a band even if they can afford one. They're more accustomed to DJs and, anyway, the ethos of the current marriageable generation is summed up by the iPod. It's a generation that wants a lot of choices and is prepared to make sacrifices in sonic fidelity to get them.

Today, we'll talk about wedding music in all its guises. Steve Metcalf, our senior music analyst, played in wedding bands as a young man. Now, with his youngest daughter's wedding -- his first as father of the bride -- on the horizon, Metcalf is learning how much the business has changed.

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