Watkinson Extended Play: Using Music as Medicine

Jan 29, 2014

There is nothing particularly new about the idea that music can be a palliative or a distraction from pain or physical discomfort associated with illness. But over the last 25 years or so, we’ve seen a rising tide of interest in some that lies well beyond that -- a frontier where music’s actual therapeutic and even, curative powers can be discovered.

That’s what we’ll be talking about tonight, through the lens of neuroscience and the growing field of music therapy and through the stories of two musicians who faced catastrophic medical conditions in different ways.

We know such more now about the so-called mind-body connection, and we know enough to know that some of it remains mysterious. And music is like a shadow lying over that question -- or maybe even like a third point of a triangle.

No one here is going to tell you that music alone can solve medical problems.But I’d be willing to bet that, after hearing this conversation and music, you’ll all be far less likely to address any medical crisis in your life without at least exploring and adding the musical dimension.

Here is the show in its entirety (1 hour, 46 minutes):

Enjoy each track from the live event!