WARNING: The Nose May Contain Trigger Warnings

Mar 21, 2014

Credit Free Grunge Textures, Flickr Creative Commons

here are the topics for the Nose today:

We begin with the subject of Trigger Warnings. These began, we think, as cautionary labels for blog posts, so that readers would not be ambushed by content that upset them.  They moved from there to mainstream journalism and from there to academia where a movement exists to include trigger warnings on syllabi. There have even been suggestions on the web that the Onion, an edgy, transgressive humor site, should post trigger warnings.

From there, we'll jump to the story of a young woman at Duke who is paying her college expenses by working in the porn industry, a choice she defends as not only practical but feminist. 

Lastly, what's the right way to mark the death of Fred Phelps, the homophobic pastor who led his flock to picket the funerals of strangers?

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