Want to Build a Stadium and a Neighborhood? You'd Better Hurry

Jul 2, 2014

Any proposal will also have to include a supermarket.

Developers who want to build a minor league baseball stadium and other surrounding buildings in the capital city aren't going to have a relaxing July.

The city has released its request for proposals. The deadline is August 1. 

What began last month as an effort to build a publicly-financed baseball stadium for no more than $60 million has grown into an ambitious project to develop not just a ballpark, but an entire vacant stretch of the city north of I-84.  

The move takes into account the concerns of some on the city council that the initial project was too expensive to pay for entirely with taxpayer money in one of the state's most cash-strapped cities. Segarra changed course, and offered a new plan that, in theory, would invite private investors to take part in a public/private partnership with the city. 

Any proposal will also have to include a supermarket.