Voter Fraud Or No Voter Fraud In 2010?

Sep 11, 2013

Tom Foley concedes the 2010 election for governor.
Credit WNPR

When he conceded the gubernatorial election in 2010, Republican Tom Foley said there was "no credible evidence" of voter fraud

Now, Foley says he's exploring a run in 2014.  And, looking back, the Republican says that while there was no evidence of fraud in 2010, he's convinced the system is full of it.  Fraud, that is.  Without it, he says he would have won. 

That got a rise of out Malloy's former advisor, Roy Occhiogrosso, on Twitter.

Not sure they'll see eye to eye on this one. 

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, also a Democrat, didn't much like Foley's comments, either.  You can hear her remarks in the full story below.