The Vegan Lifestyle

Sep 29, 2011

Bill Clinton is a vegan. You'd think that would be a bigger story: one of humankind's most voracious carnivores swiching to the other extreme. For Clinton, it's probably all about heart health, although it may have helped that his daughter Chelsea was already a vegan. Veganism is increasingly popular among some of the bigshot of corporate capitalism. Steve Jobs, Steve Wynn, Mortimer Zuckerman, Russell Simmons.

Some people do it for their health. Others do it because they oppose the exploitation of animals.
For the latter group, there's an interesting philosophical question called "The Paris Exemption." Can you veer off your veganism in unusual circumstances? Maybe allow yourself a little wine and cheese while visiting Paris. How pure do you have to be? Patrick Skahill shares his journey into veganism during today's show.

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***This episode originally aired Sept. 29, 2011***