The Vacation Survival Guide: How To Be Happy Leaving and After You Get Back

Jul 17, 2014

Credit Marcy Kellar/flickr creative commons

Is it even possible, you might be wondering, to like all parts of a vacation, including re-entry? We think so. Our senior contributor, New Haven psychologist Nancy Horn, explains what goes into making vacation a less stressful experience, and also less about perfection. This is one of those podcasts worth listening to.

We talk about:

  • Why getting ready is filled with anxiety.
  • Why we need vacations to be perfect.
  • Ways to avoid the last day blues.
  • And how to re-enter the regular world of work and regular responsibilities without wanting to become a hippie in Northern California. Or worse.

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  • “Gne Gne,” Montefiori Cocktail
  • “Carnival,” Natalie Merchant
  • “Love and Happiness,” John Mellencamp
  • “Take Me to the River,” Talking Heads