Unsanitary Conditions at VA Hospital; Bill to Ensure Connecticut Grown

Feb 20, 2014

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has called a recent report on the state's VA hospital in West Haven disturbing. DeLauro spoke with the Director of the Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System following an inspection of the hospital. The unannounced inspection found that an operating room had not been cleaned since the day before and trash remained on the floor. DeLauro say she and other other members of the delegation are requesting a status report by next month.

Under a bill before the legislative Environment Committee Shoppers would be assured that the food they buy in stores and farmers markets was Connecticut Grown. State Agriculture Commissioner Steven Reviczky says complaints from consumers and competing farmers have resulted in the proposal, which would require labels on bins of fruit and vegetables.

Propane Prices Spike

Homeowners who use propane to heat their homes are paying nearly 32 percent more than last winter because of supply shortages. Officials with the state Dept of Consumer Protection say the state's average price per gallon has increased from $2.87 in February 2013  to $3.79 this month. About 45,000 homes in Connecticut use propane for heat.

 Former Defense Worker Charged

Mozaffar Khazawee pleaded not guilty in Bridgeport Superior Court on Wednesday to charges that he tried to ship stolen propietary information to Iran on the Air Force F-35  Joint Strike Fighter Program. Khazawee is charged with transporting property stolen from companies where he had previously worked, including Pratt & Whitney.

Access Health Spanish-Language Site Not Ready

Officials  with Access Health CT say it could be another two weeks until the spanish-language version of the site is fully operational. The goal was to have the site go live at the same time as the English language version on October first. Kevin Counihan, CEO of Access Health CT , says a new website needs to be created. Counihan say it is unclear what effect the delay has had on enrollment for Spanish speakers.