UNH To Offer Scholarships To Magnet School Students

Feb 7, 2012

Qualified students in a New Haven engineering and science magnet school will be able to attend the University of New Haven for half price or free, under a program announced on Monday. The goal is to encourage students to pursue serious study in the “STEM” areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

Speaking at Monday’s announcement, UNH President Steven Kaplan said America is lagging behind other developed nations in math and science.  

"This gap limits our nation’s ability to solve the complex problems of our time. It inhibits the innovation that is required to remain competitive. And it may result in severe long-term dire economic consequences for our nation."

Under a new agreement, the Engineering and Science University Magnet School or ESUMS, will see a new state-of-the-art facility built on or near the UNH campus in West Haven. ESUMS is a public magnet school that focuses on the STEM subjects. 

Upper level students will be able to take UNH courses for free. ESUMS students who are accepted to UNH will pay half-price, and those who demonstrate financial need and meet GPA and SAT requirements can attend UNH for free.  

14-year old Jake Joseph says he likes the way ESUMS teaches the STEM subjects.

"See, a lot of schools, they’ll teach like math or they’ll teach science, but they won’t really show how you apply it to the real world. So people will be like, why am I doing this? But in my school, they show you how to reapply engineering and mathematics to actually solve problems in real life."

This is New Haven Public Schools’ second scholarship program offering college tuition incentives. Under the New Haven Promise program, Yale University provides up to 100% tuition to in-state public colleges or universities for qualified students.