Twenty-Five Years of the Connecticut Income Tax

Aug 18, 2016

Twenty-five years after it was first levied, what has the income tax done for Connecticut? This hour, we take a deeper look at this controversial tax -- including its impact on our state's economic and fiscal well-being.

Later, we also learn about some of the history and mystery surrounding Brazilian-American identity. And we talk to former NFL player and Super Bowl champion George Koonce, Jr. about his book Is There Life After Football?: Surviving the NFL.


  • Carol Platt Liebau - President of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy
  • Bill Curry - Former Comptroller of Connecticut
  • Marlon Bishop - Producer for Latino USA
  • George Koonce, Jr. - Former NFL player and Vice President of Advancement at Marian University of Fond du Lac; co-author of Is there Life After Football?: Surviving the NFL

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Lucy Nalpathanchil, Jeff Tyson, and Catie Talarski contributed to this show.