Tuesday Tumble: Eddie Perez, "Rent" in Trumbull, Snowy Owls and the Ivory Trade

Dec 10, 2013

The Connecticut town of Trumbull, and especially its thespian society, has become a familiar name in the theater world, but maybe for the wrong reasons. When the high school principal decided to cancel the thespian society's production of "Rent," the story went national. It has bubbled along for weeks and as of today, we may have news about a compromise that would allow it to be staged.

Meanwhile, former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez has been awarded not one, but two new trials. We'll have an expert here to explain how that's likely to play out. 

Snowy owls are showing up in greater numbers in these parts but that led to a kill order issued by the New York Port Authority. 

And, we'll tell you a related story about ivory. 

A Snowy Owl atop a light post on Route 9 in Essex, CT.
Credit Keith Mueller


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