Trump Transition Team and the Future of the Dems

Nov 15, 2016

This week, the country is settling into the idea of what a Trump presidency might look like. The President-elect has dialed back his rhetoric on Obamacare and NATO. He's hired a transition team chock-full of family members, political insiders, and most controversially a person criticized from both the right and the left as "the modern face of racism." The new head of the EPA may well be a climate change denier. And he's taken phone calls with world leaders, including Putin

Meanwhile, the FBI has reported a surge in hate crimes since the election. It's happening here in Connecticut, too.

This hour, we talk politics and explore the future of the Democratic Party nationally and here in the state. 


  • Bill Curry - Democratic political analyst
  • Susan Bigelow - contributor at CTNewsJunkie.com
  • Ben Davol - former Republican strategist, and owner of Dromana Strategies, a communication and public policy consulting firm

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