Troubled Insurance Broker O'Garro Due in Court

Jan 23, 2014

Earl O'Garro.
Credit under30ceo.com

Earl O'Garro, the embattled insurance broker who is at the heart of a federal criminal probe, is due in state court Thursday on charges that he failed to pay his workers.

It's unclear what O'Garro did with the money once the city paid it to him.

State officials sought his arrest earlier this month after all attempts to contact him and failed and his workers remained unpaid. According to online judicial records, O'Garro is due in court for his arraignment at 10:00 am.

O'Garro first made headlines last year when his company, Hybrid Insurance Group, failed to pay $670,000 in insurance premiums on behalf of the city of Hartford. It's unclear what O'Garro did with the money once the city paid it to him.

That payment caused concern amongst some in city and school administration. They alleged that O'Garro got city business at the same time that he was doing business with the family of city Treasurer Adam Cloud. Cloud has repeatedly denied wrongdoing; O'Garro has not responded to requests for comment.

O'Garo has also defaulted two state loans worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. On Wednesday, the state Department of Economic and Community Development released documents that shed more light on O'Garro's application for more state money even as his company was failing. The Hartford Courant has the details.

O'Garro's scheduled appearance Thursday is his first of two this week. He's also scheduled to appear Friday on domestic charges, including third-degree assault.