Town Rankings Are In, But Can You Afford to Live Here?

Oct 21, 2013

Credit flickr creative commons

It’s town ranking season again, and whether or not you think rankings like this really matter, it’s interesting that Connecticut Magazine is changing things up a bit. Instead of grouping towns based on population, which tends to favor the Greenwichs, Westports and West Hartfords, the magazine grouped towns based on average home value. That puts small communities with more affordable housing at the top of the rankings (hello Colebrook and Barkhamsted).

This hour, we dig into what these rankings really mean, and where you might look to find cheaper real estate. We’ll also look at a new report by the Partnership for Strong Communities. It says there still isn’t enough affordable housing in Connecticut. Connecticut has the nation’s sixth most expensive monthly housing costs, and eighth most expensive home values. We’ll explore the report, and play the new online “Rent Roulette” game. Step right up...and just try to find an affordable apartment!