Things We Recommended, Alluded to, Discussed Off-Air and Otherwise Stood Still for on The Nose

Jan 24, 2014

Theresa Cramer.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

Even if you heard the whole show, there would have been things you missed. 

I endorsed this Connecticut band. One of the singers sounds like Stephen Stills, a reference point which makes me seem old. 

And we talked about the great Cyril Ritchard. 

Jacques endorsed this book, which he said was Twainian.

We didn't talk about this, but we used it as "bump music" because any time you say "Cherchez la Femme," you really need to play it:

Luis endorsed this movie or, perhaps, the notion of one's life, in one's 50s, being "a jumble of pleasures and frustrations." 

Theresa endorsed David Lee Roth and his herding dogs. 

After the show, Jacques had us all watch this montage:

One perspective on Bieber. And another.

Dahlia's article on the McDonnells.

Theresa's magazine.

And that's about it, but you should enter the weekend with this in your head.