Teens Savor Hartford Comic Con, "a Divine Experience"

Jun 27, 2014

Students from the Journalism and Media Academy Magnet School Satellite Campus at the CPBN Learning Lab in Hartford had a chance to visit Comic Con in the capital city recently. One described it as a "divine experience."

Student David Buie, also of  CPBN's Learning Lab's Blue Mic Radio, reviewed the event. "Everywhere I looked," he said, "there was something delightful to my eyes, and blissful to my ears. When it comes around next year, I'd love to see you there."

Listen to Buie's full review below:

"The Comic Con event was a counter-culture celebration," said Joshua Gaestel, a CPBN Learning Lab fellow who teaches Video Production and Editing. "[It's] a place for people to share their love for everything outside of lame stream media: comics, games, sci-fi, [and] horror."

Gaestel worked with students Nardia Gayle and Buie to produce a video capturing the occasion. "Nardia conducted all the interviews," Gaestel said, "while David took a few photographs, and narrated the video piece." Journalism and Media Academy Magnet School teacher, James Moffett, also came along to assist. 

Watch the students' video below:

To enjoy Comic Con, Gaestel said, "You don't have to be a nerd anymore, as counter-culture is bleeding out into mainstream media outlets more and more." He said the target audience for the students' video is "anyone under 50."