Student Work
12:00 pm
Fri June 27, 2014

Teens Savor Hartford Comic Con, "a Divine Experience"

Students from the Journalism and Media Academy Magnet School Satellite Campus at the CPBN Learning Lab in Hartford had a chance to visit Comic Con in the capital city recently. One described it as a "divine experience."

Student David Buie, also of  CPBN's Learning Lab's Blue Mic Radio, reviewed the event. "Everywhere I looked," he said, "there was something delightful to my eyes, and blissful to my ears. When it comes around next year, I'd love to see you there."

Listen to Buie's full review below:

"The Comic Con event was a counter-culture celebration," said Joshua Gaestel, a CPBN Learning Lab fellow who teaches Video Production and Editing. "[It's] a place for people to share their love for everything outside of lame stream media: comics, games, sci-fi, [and] horror."

Gaestel worked with students Nardia Gayle and Buie to produce a video capturing the occasion. "Nardia conducted all the interviews," Gaestel said, "while David took a few photographs, and narrated the video piece." Journalism and Media Academy Magnet School teacher, James Moffett, also came along to assist. 

Watch the students' video below:

To enjoy Comic Con, Gaestel said, "You don't have to be a nerd anymore, as counter-culture is bleeding out into mainstream media outlets more and more." He said the target audience for the students' video is "anyone under 50."