Tax Day

Apr 18, 2011

When critics say the state shouldn’t increase taxes on the wealthy, they often say that it’ll force the rich to leave Connecticut.  So, is it true?

Two new studies show - well, that’s it’s not true at all.  That other factors, beyond the tax rate, are what drives people to make decisions about where to live.  

Governor Dannel Malloy has been listening to this - and to residents as he toured the state, and has slightly changed his tax proposals to shift more burden toward the wealthiest residents, while giving a bit more of a break to the middle class.  

Republicans say it’s a bad idea - they don’t buy the studies about migration patterns, and they think it’ll hurt the state’s chance to negotiate with union workers.

Today, where we live, it’s tax day.  So, we’ll be talking tax policy.  Including conversation with a ProPublica reporter who’s been following the tax loophole adventure of one of the world’s biggest companies - Fairfield’s General Electric.