Tales From A Thousand And One Stand-Up Shows

Comedian Hannibal Buress at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

You could say that most of the live comedy done by young performers in cities around the United States is just one big feeder system for Saturday Night Live, which launched a new season this weekend.

It was an easy bit to miss, but one of the new cast members offered up a brilliant bit on Weekend Update when he played a hack comedian named Bruce Chandler inexplicably invited to offer analysis about the president of Iran. Chandler steered all of Seth Meyers questions back to tired observations about the difference between New York  and L.A, and then fell quiet, let his shoulders slump and confessed, "It ain't an easy business .You get used to people saying no a lot."  Just as abruptly, he righted himself and went back to his stale jokes.   

But for a few seconds, Mooney offered huge reveal of the energy that goes into comedy -- even bad comedy -- and the grinding despair behind it. Today, our annual Fall Comedy Special. 


  • Jason Zinoman - Comedy Critic for the New York Times, and author of "Searching for Dave Chappelle." 
  • Sammy Obeid​ - Comedian who recently completed 1,001 consecutive nights of standup.
  • Colin Mochire - Improv Comic
  • Brad Sherwood - Improv Comic

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